Dr. Julie Zieve DC,PT has had a passion for helping people by using Chiropractics and Physical Therpay combined to obtain OPTIMAL HEALTH for every individual regardless of their age.
     As a Licensed Physical Therapist and Chiropractor, she is able to develop a more extensive and versatile treatment approach for her patients, treating both muscular skeletal and joint problems.  Her expertise and knowledge enable her to do a through examination, getting to the cause of each patient’s problems.  Dr. Zieve offers a wide range of treatments including:

 Comprehensive family Chiropractic/Physical Therapy
  Pre and Post natal care
  Pediatric Chiropractic/Physical Therapy
  Postural/Scoliosis Screening
  Designing customized exercise programs
  Customized Orthotics
  Weight Loss Program
  Counseling in nutrition/supplements/vitamins
  Personal Injury
  Workers Compensation                                                                                                   

Dr. Julie Zieve DC,PT.