Anyone Can Suffer From Migraines.
     I was doing a health screening when a distraught mother came into my booth with her 5-year-old son.  She related to me that her son had been suffering with severe migraine headaches for he past 2 years.  She had taken him to their pediatrician several times, several neurologists, and several orthopedist with no results.  He had missed a lot of school.  He could not go outside an play with his friends most of the days of the week as his head hurt too much to run and play.  When he would get a migraine headache his mother would turn off the lights in his bedroom, put a could wash cloth to his forehead, and he would just lie there an suffer intense pains until the migraine passed on its own.  This could take a day or several days to pass.  I made them an appointment to do a Chiropractic/Physical therapy  examination in my office.  I checked the vertebras of his spine and the bottom joints called the sacroiliac joints to see if these were all in alignment, moving, and moving correctly.  After the examination I told the mother that I definitely could help her son.  You see, the story was her son at the age of three was sitting on a bench at the park when a ball hit him in the head.  At the same time he had fallen off the bench an landed smack on his buttocks.  This jammed his sacroiliac joints and slowed down the flow of his cerebral spinal fluid, which circulates from the bottom of the spinal column back up to the brain.  The sacroiliac joints move as we walk and this causes the cerebral spinal fluid to be pumped upward.  However, in her sons case he injured his sacroiliac joints and this mechanism wasn’t working well at all.  The mother was so disparate she drove her son from Pasadena to my office in Los Angeles, an hours drive, for six visits.  I did chiropractic adjustments to restore the sacroiliac joints to no longer be subluxed (not in alignment and not moving correctly) and free them up to pump the cerebral spinal fluid at the correct speed up to his brain.  After six chiropractic adjustments the Mom and her son were ecstatic for the first time in two years her son had not had a migraine and was able to play with his friends again.  She wrote me later and said he was no longer missing school, he smiles and laughs all the time, and he is now just like every 5 year old, having a good time.  She felt she could never repay me for giving her son back to her.  
Chiropractic Combined with Physical Therapy can Help!