Want to lose weight by eating real food and keep the weight off?
     I was seeing Dr. Zieve DC,PT. once a month on her Optimal Health plan to maintain my musculoskeletal system at its peak performance.  However, I was over weight and felt my spine would do better if I got rid of the extra weight I was having to carry around.  I had been dieting for 2 years following Weight Watcher’s program.  I knew about Dr. Zieve’s Weight Loss for Life Program but felt I could lose the weight on my own.  I had lost 60 pounds with Weight Watchers and felt I could reach my target weight.  However, I had reached a plateau and not lost any more weight for the past 6 months to a year.  So, I decided to try Dr. Zieve’s Weight Loss for Life Program, Ultra-lite.  However, being 65-years-old I had a concern about losing the weight and then being left with sagging skin or as I call it hanging skin.  I approached Dr. Zieve after my Chiropractic and Physical Therapy treatment and asked her if I would in deed have terrible sagging skin since I had 80 pounds to lose.  She told me that the program works by getting the body to burn fat calls for energy not protein from the muscles which is what all diets do.  That not only will my skin not sag but that I will lose inches and have a flat abdomen.  She told me she tried the program out on herself before she ever put it into her practice and she lost 30 pounds, two dress sizes, 12 inches in her waist, and 5 inches in each thigh!  I started the program that day and met with Dr. Zieve my personal coach once a week.  What a program!  I was just amazed.  I was unable to do any form of exercises as I had just had knee surgery and was still recovering from the swelling and pains.  But, I found the program to be easy to follow, I was able to eat real food, and I did in deed lose inches without having my skin sag.  I felt more energy then I have ever had in along time and I felt like the pounds were just melting off of me.  I began to feel so much better about myself that I decided to go on a trip with my husband to celebrate the shedding of those extra 80 pounds I had been carrying around for years.  If you need to lose weight I highly recommend Dr. Zieve’s Weight Lose for Life Program.  In the last phase of the Program Dr. Zieve teaches you how to eat a treat a day and not gain the weight back.  That’s right !My husband and I were able to have several fancy deserts and not gain any pounds by following Dr. Zieve’s program.