I had been seeing Dr. Zieve for a lumbar bulging disc which was extremely painful.  After Dr. Zieve relieved my back pains I went on her Optimal Health Program.  This is when Dr. Zieve sees you for Chiropractic Adjustments accompanied by Physical Therapy once a month to allow me to stay at my peak performance and carry out all my routine functions without experiencing the disc pains again.  I decided at the age of 43 to have another child.  I asked my Medical Doctor if he thought this would be OK with my history of a bulging disc.  He advised me not to risk getting pregnant as he strongly felt this would aggravate my disc creating constant pains and I might have to have surgery at that point.  
     I had a lot of respect for Dr. Zieve and she had helped me so much, I asked her if she thought my lower back could handle the added weight of a pregnancy.   Dr. Zieve was very positive and supportive and explained with Chiropractic/Physical Therapy treatments throughout my pregnancy we would be able to keep the disc from flaring up.  She related that most of her pregnant patients had told her their deliveries were easier than their deliveries when they did not have Chiropractic treatments.  I had two grown children and very much wanted a third and last child with my second husband.  After giving it a lot of thought I decided to trust Dr. Zieve and her professional judgment.  In the beginning of my pregnancy I saw Dr. Zieve once a month.  As I reached my 8th month of the pregnancy I saw her once every other week.  My lower back never bothered me throughout the whole pregnancy.  
     I brought my baby girl to Dr. Zieve and had her perform a Chiropractic Examination on her.  I was so grateful and excited letting Dr. Zieve know this was the easiest delivery by far.  I contributed this easy delivery to having had Chiropractic Adjustments and Physical Therapy working on my musculoskeletal system to make sure the birth would not be a hardship on my lower back. By the way I did not experience any residual problems with my bulging disc during or after the pregnancy.
     I wanted to relate this story as I learned that being pregnant is not a burden on your musculoskeletal system if you exercise, eat properly, and of course see Dr. Zieve for Chiropractic/Physical Therapy to keep the body in alignment, allow the pelvis to expand without experiencing pains, and to allow you to function properly throughout the pregnancy.  After all the pregnant body had to go through, so many physical /hormonal changes, it definitely can use some support.  De. Zieve can also design proper exercises for you during and after the pregnancy to restore back to its normal healthy strong self.  Especially the abdominal muscles which are so important for your core strength and prevent future lower back problems.

Dr. Zieve has a Special Chiropractic Table just for Pregnant Woman