Weight Loss For Life
     Dr. Julie Zieve DC,PT offers an amazing weight-loss program called, “Ultra-lite.”  “Ultra-lite is a weight management program that allows patients to lose unwanted fat in an accelerated and safe manner.  The program teaches patients to eat well-balanced meals of proteins and complex carbohydrates in the correct portions their body needs.  Supplementations and food allergies are addressed in the program, ensuring patients reach their targeted weight safely and correctly. Dr. Zieve teaches patients to live healthier lifestyles, and by doing so they continue to keep to their ideal weight.  Patients have been able to discard their Hight Blood Pressure and Cholesterol medications by eating healthy foods and balancing their life styles.  Ultra-lite enables patients to look and feel great from the inside out.
     In today’s society, people are living much longer: why not make your “Golden Years” a pain-free, medication free, and healthy experience?
Click Here For More Information: www.ultralite.ushttp://www.ultralite.ushttp://www.ultralite.usshapeimage_1_link_0