Dr. JulieZievedcpt.com
 My Mission is to have each patient obtain optimal health by combing Chiropractic Adjustments with Physical Therapy musculoskeletal balancing. 
 My passion is to educate each individual on how they can stay healthy  regardless of their age. 
 How they can maintain the proper weight for their body frame. 
Which supplements and vitamins are the best to allow you to maintain your health and age without your body failing you.  
What are the best exercises to keep you in shape and prevent osteoporosis (bone density loss).  
How to not have to take perscription medications especially High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol medications as you age.  
How to protect your children or family members from having postural  changes such as scoliosis, a curving of the spine, from carrying backpacks or brief cases.  APPOINTMENTS ABOUT DR. JULIE ZIEVE DC,PT ABOUT THE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM BLOGS BACKPACKS AND HOW TO AVOID SPINAL PROBLEMS!